Sometimes it doesn’t take a high falutin engineering firm or a bureaucrat making 5 times the median income of the typical resident to evaluate a problem and come up with a solution.

People are voting with their feet in Doraville where they need pedestrian facilities (sidewalks or paths).


I’m not naive not to know that the City has a lot of needs in all our neighborhoods. However, the apartments on Winters Chapel Road contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city every year and mostly get ignored.

The city plans to spend over $1 Million (eventually) to fix this problem. I say eventually because this project currently is not prioritized by the council, and I suspect they’ll run out of money before they get to it as the cost of public works projects raise around the nation.

Every high-density property in the city either commercial or residential must have safe pedestrian facilities. And the owners will pay for it. Period.

The city has the ability to build sidewalks or multi-modal paths and assess the cost of the project to the property owners, they’ve just never had the will to do it. I will do it. When I am elected I intend to work with the Mayor and Council to prioritize the Winters Chapel Rd sidewalk project and create an assessment so the owners of the multi-family properties pay for the project. I will then work with Council and reallocate the $1 Million saved from this project to pave and fix other roads in our neighborhoods.

Below is the language in our Charter that allows the city to fund this project and assess the property owners.

Section 4.06. – Special assessments.

Be it further enacted, that the council shall have the power and authority to assess all or part of the cost of constructing, reconstructing, widening or improving any public way, street, sidewalk, curbing, gutters, sewers or other utility mains or appurtenances, against the abutting property owners, under such terms and conditions as provided by ordinance. Such special assessments shall become delinquent thirty (30) days after their due dates and shall thereupon be subject to a penalty of ten (10) percent of the amount due in addition to fi. fa. charges or shall thereafter be subject to interest at the rate of nine (9) percent per annum from due date until paid. A lien for such amount plus fi. fa. charges, interest and penalties shall exist against the abutting property superior to all other liens, except that it shall be of equal dignity with county and City property taxes, and said lien shall be enforceable by the same procedures and under the same remedies as provided in this article for City property taxes.