Doraville, this is our time to get street smart!

We can do a better job of isolating our commercial areas from our residential neighborhoods while respecting the working-class folks that live here. On November 14, 2018, Doraville City Council held a work session to discuss possible changes to city ordinances regarding on-street parking and commercial vehicles. I am unclear on the status of this discussion after the work session, but I think it’s safe to say there have been no concrete changes.

We currently have codes on the books that restrict “commercial” vehicles although It is difficult to define if a vehicle is or is not used for a business. When our two major sub-divisions Northwoods and Oakcliff were built in the 1960’s they were built to make Doraville a bedroom community for Atlanta, and compliment the manufacturing jobs at General Motors. Let’s embrace that!

When I am elected I promise to get back to the basics of essential city services and governance. I am committed to making our neighborhoods vibrant and dynamic spaces that current and future generations can enjoy

We deserve a champion.