Welcome to the unofficial update page for the new Middle and High School in Doraville, Georgia. This page will provide the Doraville community with the latest information, progress reports, and important announcements regarding the development and operations of the new educational facilities located at 3456 Aztec Rd. It is important to note that while this page is focused on community awareness and engagement, the Dekalb County School District is a separate entity from the City of Doraville.

Project Construction Budget: $200,000,000

Project Schedule: (Timeline with target dates where appropriate)

• Design Complete – 8/31/24
• Construction Start – 4/1/2024 – possible early release site/demo package
• Construction Complete – 12/31/2027


Site Plan

Phase 1 Environmental Assessment

Community Meeting Presentation

Floodplain Encroachment Review

Project Update Report 1/19/24

DOT review request

Fire Flow Test

Minimum Acreage Request

Facility Application to Department of Education

Stay Informed

I encourage all community members to stay engaged and informed about the development of the new middle and high school in Doraville. I will regularly update this page with the latest news, progress reports, and announcements.