Chart a New Future

Our diversity, creativity, and passion have kept Doraville vibrant and moving forward but there is work needed to make our city all that it should be. This campaign will focus on:

  • New enforcement programs and funding to clean up our commercial corridors and improve the appearance of our community
  • Promote development density while protecting our leafy neighborhoods.
  • Improving the physical condition of our facilities and infrastructure to make Doraville a great place to live, work, play, worship, and raise a family.
  • Smarter homeowner property tax exemption that increases as home values increase.

Become the metros most livable city by paying attention to the details that make the city a pleasure to be in every day, including:

  • New sidewalks with an emphasis on walkability
  • Public art that inspires wonder and reflection
  • Safe neighborhoods and the ability to easily age in place

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Re-Imagine Public Spaces

We should eye everything in its current form and re-imagine our neighborhoods to create a high-quality public realm by using the physical form as the organizing principle. Just as one example – what if we repurposed a portion of the Public Works facility as a dog park as an accessory use as well? Read more about this plan here.


SPLOST / Paving / Infrastructure Accountability

In November 2017 voters approved a penny sales tax toward capital improvements and infrastructure. The city and county promised to fix the roads. Doraville stands to get about 9.4 Million dollars from this in tax that all residents are paying. In 2016 the city spent $337,000 on paving. In 2017 they spent $289,000. In 2019 they spent $0 and in 2020 they are proposing the spend $200,000. It is unacceptable that taxes have gone up 9.4 Million on the pretense of fixing streets and infrastructure and we are doing less paving than we did in 2016. Check out the Doraville SPLOST Report Card I have compiled.

I will work with the Mayor and Council to building sidewalks and paths that the commercial and multi-family property owners pay for themselves allowing SPLOST proceeds to target road improvements. Read more about this here.

I will push for SPLOST accountability and program management. It’s time to get back to the basics of improving the physical condition of our facilities and infrastructure.


I will work to put the city checkbook online along with permitting and occupational tax certificates. Anyone should be able to examine how city funds are spent. Anyone should be able to apply for a permit online and residents should be able to search permits in the city and see if a business has a license.

In my first 100 days, I will work with city staff to draft a Financial Disclosure Policy. A policy that requires monthly financial statements be given to elected officials and posted on the city website.

New Homestead Property Tax Exemption

I will release details of a new plan in late August that details a new smarter property tax exemption for homeowners saving them more money each year.

New Housing Initiative and Incentive Program

I will release details of a new plan in late August that would give in-fill home builders along with residential remodel companies and individuals an incentive to pick Doraville by partially crediting interest-only construction loan payments without abating taxes.


Doraville residents are voting with their feet where they want sidewalks and paths.

What about a Dog Park in Doraville?

How is the city spending the money it collects from SPLOST?

This is our time to get street smart with commercial vehicles in residential neighborhoods.