Curious about how annexation could affect your taxes? Enter the assessed value of your home into the calculator. You can find the assessed value of your home on your last tax bill from the Dekalb Tax Assessor.

    Doraville Dekalb
Homestead Property $0.00 $0.00
Non-Homestead Property $0.00 $0.00
Senior 70+ $0.00 $0.00
Sanitation Fee $0.00 $0.00
Stormwater Fee $0.00 $0.00

Senior Tax Exemptions: Doraville has simplified the process for seniors to receive property tax exemptions. Residents over the age of 70 qualify for a 100% property tax exemption. The application process has been made easier, and city officials are available to assist senior citizens with the application, which has an annual deadline of April 1​.

Homestead Exemption: The homestead exemption is currently $10,000 off the assessed value of a homestead plus an additional reduction equivalent to a 2.5 mil reduction of the millage rate applicable for municipal purposes. This provides a smarter exemption that automatically raises and lowers with the change in your home value. Doraville residents currently enjoy a higher homestead exemption than residents of Dekalb County.


Q: I currently have line items on my tax bill for Police and Fire service. Will I continue to pay this?

A:  If areas vote to join the city of Doraville, they will start receiving police services from Doraville. Since Doraville does not charge a millage rate for police services, this charge will be removed from your future tax bills. Doraville uses Dekalb Fire and Rescue for fire and emergency medical services, so the cost for these services will remain the same on your tax bill.

Q: There is a small charge on my tax bill for Unincorporated Bonds. Will I continue to pay this?

A:  When the parks bond was approved in 2001, the County established a service district that matched its borders at that time. Even as parts of the county have become new cities, property owners within the original district still pay this tax until the bonds are fully paid off. Residents of Tucker, Brookhaven, and Dunwoody continue to pay this tax even though they are now in a city.

Q:  Dekalb County currently has an assessment freeze for county-wide taxes in addition to an E-Host credit. Will I lose my freeze and credit if we incorporate into a city?

A:  E-Host provides benefits to all residents across the county by applying credits to county-wide taxes. It’s crucial to understand that since 2021, properties with a homestead exemption in Dekalb County have not been required to pay any taxes towards the county-wide general fund, thanks to the E-Host, which covers 100% of these taxes for homeowners. The county-wide general fund finances essential services, including the courts, sheriff’s office, jail, tax commissioner, and some indigent care expenses. The funding for the E-Host comes from an increase in the sales tax, which was approved by voters in 2017.