Campaign Announcement

District 1 represents one of the nicest bedroom communities from near Peachtree Industrial to Buford Highway, but all residents of Doraville vote for each district regardless of where you live. Our neighborhoods, people, and history are the engine of the city and its history. Our diversity, creativity, and passion keep Doraville vibrant and moving forward.

Still, there is work needed to make our city all that it should be. That’s why my campaign will focus on:

  • New enforcement programs and funding to clean up our commercial corridors and improve the appearance of our community
  • Promote development density while protecting our leafy neighborhoods.
  • Improving the physical condition of our facilities and infrastructure to make Doraville a great place to live, work, play, worship, and raise a family.

Of equal importance is how we become the metros most livable city by paying attention to the details that make the city a pleasure to be in every day, including:

  • New sidewalks with an emphasis on walkability
  • Public art that inspires wonder and reflection
  • Safe neighborhoods and the ability to easily age in place

Doraville‚Äôs irrepressible optimism is unmatched. Our capacity for collaboration is unparalleled. Next year, we can harness these attributes to meet our city’s needs through bigger thinking, higher standards, and purposeful action to bring the city to its full potential.

I hope you will join me. Together, we will make the heart of Doraville beat more vibrantly, for everyone, for many years to come. We can chart a new future, because this is our time!